About Our Firm

Kober Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to recovering damages for its clients who are injured in accidents either outside the job or on the job.  If you are injured in such an accident, the law firm’s fee will be based on a percentage of the monetary recovery made on your behalf.  In addition, the law firm will front the expenses necessary to make your case.  You can be assured that if there is no monetary recovery, there will be no fee.  Furthermore, you will not be charged for the reimbursement of the expenses laid out on your behalf.  

Besides representing personal injury clients, Kober Law Firm LLC will:

  • Help clients who are injured by an occupational exposure on the job
  • Help clients who are the victims of discrimination on the job
  • Help tenants who are the subject of discrimination, neglect or eviction by their landlords
  • Help you draft a Will, Power of Attorney, and Living Will
  • Help you with Estate Administration
  • Help you with all aspects of elder law including obtaining medical care and nursing home care
  • Help you with issues of divorce, including child support, custody, alimony and equitable distribution of property
  • Help you with post divorce issues of enforcement of or relief from prior Orders of the court
  • Help clients with issues of child welfare and child custody
  • Help you with any type of civil litigation

If you come to us to draft your will, your fee will be a set fee, also known as a flat fee.  The set fee will not increase based on the amount of time spent in doing the work. No matter the reason you come to us, your initial consultation will be free, confidential, and with no obligation.

At Kober Law Firm, LLC, all our cases are handled by one attorney, Peter Kober.  Our clients can be assured that no other attorney will ever handle their case.  Peter Kober, our attorney, will represent you, our client, from the start of your case to the finish of your case.  There are no other attorneys in the firm, such as associates, to hand the case off to.

In all matters handled by this office, you can be assured that you will receive unparalleled personal attention.  Our pledge to you is to handle your case with honesty, integrity and vigor.

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