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Cherry Hill Legal Services

 Kober Law Firm, LLC is a select service legal services firm in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We are dedicated to serving with distinction the South Jersey community. At Kober Law Firm, LLC Kober Law Firm LLCwe are committed to providing you with affordable legal services. We will work with you to make sure the legal fees you are asked to pay are consistent with what you can afford.

At Kober Law Firm, LLC all personal injury and workers compensation cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. If there is no monetary recovery, there will be no fee. The fee charged will be based on a percentage of the monetary recovery made on your behalf. In addition, the law firm will front the expenses necessary to make your case. If there is no monetary recovery, you will not be charged for the reimbursement of the expenses laid out on your behalf.

The other types of fees you may be asked to pay are hourly fees and flat fees. If you are asked to pay one of these types of fees, Kober Law Firm, LLC will work with you to make sure the fee is consistent with what you can afford. For instance, if you come to us to draft your will, your fee will be a flat fee, also known as a set fee. The set fee will not increase based on the amount of time spent in doing the work.

At Kober Law Firm, LLC we offer you an initial consultation which will be free, confidential, and with no obligation. Once you are our client, if you have an hourly fee arrangement with us, we wish to encourage you to communicate freely with us about your matter. In order to accomplish this goal, we will not bill you for phone calls you make or emails you send us.

At Kober Law Firm, LLC all our cases are handled by one attorney, Peter Kober. Our clients can be assured that no other attorney will ever handle their case. Peter Kober, our attorney, will represent you, once you are our client, from the start of your case to the finish of your case. There are no other attorneys in the firm, such as associates, to hand the case off to.

Peter Kober is a 30+ years experienced attorney who, over the years, has earned praise from clients for his dedication, hard work, and outstanding results. His experience is in civil litigation with an emphasis in personal injury of all types such as motor vehicle accidents, falldowns, products liability and construction accidents.

In addition, Peter Kober is a Rule 1:40 qualified mediator who will serve as the mediator in your case in the fields of personal injury, property damage, construction, insurance dispute, or any other field of tort law. He will serve as the neutral arbitrator in your uninsured motorist arbitration, underinsured motorist arbitration, or any other type of binding arbitration in the field of tort law.

In all matters handled by Kober Law Firm, LLC you can be assured that you will receive unparalleled personal attention. Our pledge to you is to handle your case with honesty, integrity, and vigor.


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